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  • #1 Hey, Pingu here.
    Falls ihr euch gerade denkt: "Hey, der Pinguin spammt gerade YouTube..."
    Habt ihr es erfasst... ich starte andauernt i-welche spiele und recorde i-ein Spiel. Auserdem denke ich das ich demnächst mehr von LapFox "Let's Surfen" werde da der Produzent bzw. der Artist gegenüber Piraterie sehr offen ist.

    Aus dem LapFox F.A.Q.
    A: great! piracy rules. piracy and filesharing are great promotional tools, and help spread the word of artists. people that love the music they pirate generally do end up supporting the artists, and the only people that think otherwise are the RIAA and the labels under its umbrella. if you buy some music from me and want to send it to your friends, go ahead! i don't care what you do with it as long as you aren't directly reselling or bootlegging it as a whole. use it in your YouTube videos, post it on your website, whatever!

    Falls ihr immer wissen wollt wann ich was hochlade, tretet der Gruppe bei:

    mfg FlamePingu
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